Thursday, November 13, 2014

The search for the perfect chair.

My mission last weekend was to find the perfect chair for our living room. Right now we have a couch and a love seat in our living room. It was very nice to have both and SO comfortable but I just didn't think we had quite enough room to fit both couches without looking cramped. Every way we would move them one of the arms of the couch would always overlap with the other. I was puzzled at what to do but thanks to my mom she had the great idea to move the love seat to Justin's man cave which needed more seating anyway and invest in a chair or possibly 2 for our living room. There are so many options out there for chairs it was hard to pick just one! I started out thinking I wanted a colored pattern to add some color. Right now our living room is mostly taupe, you know the same color all of my furniture/ decor and even shoes. (: I think that must be my favorite color. Ha! Anyways that brought me to a Bassett store where they have TONS of fabric options for their furniture. 

My favorite ended up being the red hounds tooth in the left corner. After lots of consideration though I decided to keep looking but this time at the opposite- a neutral color non pattern chair and ottoman. So the search continued and led me to these beauties.

Whitmore Wing Lindy Chair from Overstock here

 PB Arm chair from pottery barn here

After lots and lots of thought and consideration and discussion with Justin we knew we needed a chair that is comfortable to sit in after a long day of work and we could use for years to come. So ta da... here is our chair! It is the Bennington Chair and matching ottoman (not pictured). It should be arriving to our home in about a week! 

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