Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Resolution

It's that time! The time where every blogger evaluates their life and shares their goals and resolutions for the new year. Ready, set, go.. 
My 2015 Resolution: 

This year I'm working hard to find balance in my life. I know I have many blessings in my life such as my family, friends, job, house, etc. I can sometimes get caught up in one area and neglect other areas of my day to day life. For example it's easy to get caught up in work and completely toss eating healthy out the window. Or maybe one morning decide keeping a clean house overrules making it to church. I am an all in type of girl.. If I'm going to teach I want to do it well, if I'm going to have a house, it needs to be clean, the list goes on. While I think all of these things are important this is the year I want to prioritize. I think if I can do some planning I can accomplish SO much more without all of the stress. So, how do I plan to do this? 

Plan, plan, plan and prioritize! Number one on the list is getting involved in our church. No more to do list topping church and less going out of town on unnecessary trips that causes us to be gone on Sunday morning. I would love to get involved with a small group this year and really make my devotional a daily part of my day! 

As far as work, I have no intention to not give my job 100%. I do plan to find some BALANCE though. When you teach it is SO easy to let work takeover your life. I am going to start working smarter, not harder. My kids need all of my attention but when it comes to after school hours so does my fiance, family and my own sanity.  

I'd like to find balance in my food choices. I want to make sure I am eating MOST of my meals healthy with more fruits and vegetables but not get so caught up in it that I don't allow treats and occasional not so healthy, but oh so good meals. I would be very happy with a 80/20 balance... 80% of meals with lean meats/fruits/veggies and the other 20% with whatever my little heart desires. (: 

Last, I really want to work on keeping a positive attitude in stressful situations. Things happen and life goes on. These words really stuck with me in this Oprah interview. Check it out here. "Either pray or worry, don't do both" That is so so so true... I need to remember that once I've prayed it's in God's hands from there. 

So that's it.. It's not the end all be all but I know if I could accomplish some of these goals a balanced life will come. What are your goals or resolutions this year? 


  1. Love your resolutions. As I typed mine to share later this week/beginning of next, I was looking for a word I couldn't quite capture and you definitely found it. Balance. It was totally the word I was looking for. Pretty sure I'm going to need to go edit my post now. I struggle so much with balance. It's so hard to give 100% to home, work, church, friends, etc when you feel like you're being pulled in 100 different directions. Definitely something I'll be striving to work on this year as well!

  2. Truly great goal. It's hard to find balance at time especially with a busy schedule.


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