Monday, January 19, 2015

Healthy Eating

Okay, It's January which means I have come full circle with my eating choices. Let me explain, The past 4+ years I always start out January motivated to change my eating habits. Partly to shape up and partly to feel better and over all live a healthier lifestyle. So January, I'm motivated and going strong. I keep it up all winter and even through the summer. Then.... August hits and we head back to school. The working until dark, bringing loads of work home nightly, back to packing a lunch, the stress of starting a new school year hits full force. If you are an elementary school teacher I'm sure you understand. Starting a new school year is incredibly time consuming. So guess what takes a back seat? Eating healthy! All of a sudden I find myself eating quick and easy meals with no thought to nutrition. The school year starts to slow down a little by October but by then I have already slipped back into bad eating habits. That continues until January when I realize just how little energy I have and how my pants are fitting just a little bit snug..... all the motivation I need to start the circle back over with a change in my diet. Does anyone else drastically change their eating based on the time of year?

Anywho, with 2015 just beginning and three weddings this year.. MY own, and a bridesmaid and matron of honor in 2 others, I have all the motivation I need to start a diet plan..NOW. Last year I started eating clean, read here. Needless to say I slipped off that bandwagon but when I was going strong I dropped several pounds and more importantly felt amazing. I was no longer exhausted at 2:00... my energy level was just unreal. So I plan to go back to eating like that but with a few changes. I'm putting my "eating plan" into writing to try to keep myself accountable. Here is my "plan" I came up with: 

1. NO more processed foods. I know there is nothing healthy about hot pockets and frozen pizza. 

2. Drink more water. I try to walk around with a water bottle all the time. Water plays a huge roll in our bodies!! Need more convincing? Read here

3. Eat more fruits and veggies. This is where clean eating comes in. I would like the majority of my food to consist of fruits and vegetables. I've tried it and I know eating this way is good for my body in more ways that one. 

4. Eat lean meats. When I followed my clean eating plan last year it was a whole foods plant based diet. Which basically means eat your fruits and veggies but no meat. I'm not looking to go back to not eating meat however I do think there are health benefits to choosing lean cuts of meat. 

That's it! Nothing too crazy but 4 steps that I think can make a huge difference! I still plan to allow cheat meals and desserts every now and then-- just in moderation. If you have made a similar change in your diet I would love to hear about it! 


  1. It is so important to eat healthy! Thanks for the tips.
    xo ClassToCloset

  2. i'm not the best with healthy eating but i do drinks tons of water!

  3. My wedding is coming up this year as well as two of my best friends, so I've got motivation to get in shape as well! Thanks for the great tips & the reminders :) Good luck!

    xoxo, SS

  4. I'm on the same kick, but for entirely different reasons. I've picked up running lately and if you don't eat healthy, you don't have the energy for the longer runs. I'm tackling my eating habits first by making meal plans. It'll be easier to spot the bad things & start eliminating them, plus make me shop better at the grocery store when I've got a plan in mind.

  5. I really need to start drinking more water. I'm horrible about not drinking as much as I should be. And I'm trying to start eating healthier but it's so hard sometimes! I think you definitely have to have cheat meals occasionally!

  6. This is a perfect plan!! I def need to adopt this!

  7. Really great tips! I know these tips are simple but whenever I have followed the, I lost a few pounds almost instantly! It's amazing what small changes can do.


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