Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Farmhouse Dining Room Table

When Justin and I bought our house I immediately knew I wanted a Farmhouse style dining room table. Before we had even moved in and were waiting to close I had searched pinterest for hours on end looking for inspiration. I knew I had my heart set on a farm table with a bench, two wooden chairs and two fabric chairs on the end. I had all intentions of purchasing one when the time came but after sharing this idea with my future mother in law she quickly told me she thought Justin's dad could build one. What?! You mean I might could get my dream table made with love and for a fraction of the price? I was sold. Justin's oh so handy dad got busy making the table right before Christmas and gave it to us as a early Christmas present. The table turned out even better than I imagined and because it was built by family it makes it all the more special. 

He used North Carolina Charm's DIY Farmhouse Dining Table Post for directions and guidance. {That was also the place I first fell in love with a farm table!} 

Of course I had to sneak Henson into a photo..

 My future father in law who is obviously going to be the best FIL ever 

My favorite part! 

We are borrowing the chairs from Justin's aunt until we get some of our own. The plan is to have the matching bench built and buy 2 wooden chairs for the sides and then use 2 fabric chairs for the ends. I just love how the table turned out. Since then we have added a few plates to the dining room walls. We are still on the hunt for the perfect chairs!


  1. I love love love farmhouse tables! This was so sweet of your FIL and it makes it even more special!

  2. I have a farmhouse table in our dining room. We have a bench and four wooden chairs, but our wooden chairs are about to be replaced by World Market's Harper beach dining chairs (:

  3. I promise that it was a labor of love for you two..The bench will be built as soon as we get a couple of warmer and dryer days..Robby

  4. Love your farmhouse table. It creates a really warm look.

  5. Farmhouse tables are the best! Henson is adorable.

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