Thursday, February 23, 2017


Over the past year I have been listening to tons of podcast. I started mostly listening when I was driving long distance but since then my podcast listening has evolved to any time I'm in the car, cooking and cleaning around the house, running, getting ready in the morning. Basically, all the time. I LOVE getting new podcast recommendations to subscribe to so I'm going to share some of my favorites today. If you have a podcast you love send me the name!! 

First up on the list is The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey- This podcast is always two girls chatting about pretty much anything. This is probably my favorite one because Jamie Ivey  and her guest are so inspiring. They talk a lot about faith and church which I really enjoy listening to! 

Next up is Reality Life with Kate Casey- This is almost embarrassing after posting about The Happy Hour but I can't help it! I love Bravo TV! The Housewife shows, Summer House, Southern Charm and Vanderpump Rules are my go to. I know trash TV but I can't stop watching. It is my guilty pleasure for sure! This podcast talks about all of these shows. I just can't get enough(: 

Similarly, Straight Up with Stassi- It is hosted by Stassi a cast member of Vanderpump Rules. She talks with other people about random things but sometimes gives little behind the scene information about the show. Another favorite for sure! 

This is the newest Podcast I have started to listen to- I Do Declare!- I actually found this one about a week ago after reading someones blog. I really do love new recommendations! This one is two sisters talking about everything from recipes, TV, and just life in general. I feel like I am just listening to two girlfriends chat. (I really feel that way with most of the Podcast I have listed which is why I think I like them all) 

Last, Newspring Church- I love listening to church sermons on audio during the week. This particular church is a mega church in SC. I attend a different church but have visited this one several times. The messages are normally pretty inspiring so I like to tune in! 

Do any of you listen to Podcast often? If so which ones do you love? I would love to know! 

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