Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weekending and Couch to 5K

This past weekend Justin and I traveled to Reidsville to visit with family and celebrate my sisters birthday. I hadn't been to my hometown since Christmas so I was really ready to see my family and visit! We got to town kind of late Friday night after working all day so we didn't do much other than making a quick stop for Mexican half way. On Saturday the weather was GORGEOUS! As it has been really all week. I have major spring fever as a result! We spent  most of Saturday visiting with my grandmother, helping her do some chores around the house and doing a run around the neighborhood. That night we celebrated my sisters 25th birthday! We went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner where to cook on the table. Way too much food but lots of fun! Sunday was filled with church and then heading back home with a stop to see Justin's parents for dinner. Nothing crazy over the weekend but a little family time was good for the soul! 

My sister, Ginny, and her new husband Doug! 

we snagged a couple pic as well(: 

 Ginny and my dad (in case you are wondering my sister isn't throwing gang signs.. she is doing the "best buds" sign her and my dad have done since we were little (; 

with my sweet grandmother 

Lots of pictures of my sis, but isn't she just the cutest?! So now my couch to 5K update. I'm finally starting to feel like a RUNNER! It is an awesome feeling. I can totally see why so many people are dedicated runners. This is my recap of week 5 C25K.. you can find weeks 1-4 here

Week 5 consisted of some 5 minute jog intervals, then 8 minutes then ended the week with a 20 minute jog. YES- TWENTY. The jump went from 5 minutes, to 8 minutes to 20. I was terrified for this week but I DID IT! and now I feel more confident about my running than ever. 

Day 1- The first day of 5 minute jogs wasn't too bad. It pushed me but I did it and felt good about it. 

Day 2- The second  day of 8 minute jog intervals I was excited about because I was doing it with my sister in Reidsville. What I didn't account for was ALL of the hills in my hometown that we do not have at the beach where I live. The first 8 minute span went really well and went by fast. I think that had a lot to do with talking to my sister! I'm usually running solo. The last 8 minutes was mostly up hill and in the sun. It was tough. Really tough. I felt discouraged at the end but called it a day. 

Day 3- Day three made a jump to twenty minutes straight jogging. After being discouraged on the 8 minute jog on day 2 I was super nervous and felt like there was no way I would be successful. I knew I had to at least try though. So I tried... and I DID IT! Yall... I was so proud of myself! I know 20 minutes- 2.09 miles isn't record setting or anything but for me it was the most I had been able to do in at least 2 years. So yay!! Now I am feeling better than ever about running and really motivated to get out there again and sign up for a 5K. So a little more specific about the day 3 run- When I heard my map my run come on and say I had ran 1 mile and was 9 minutes 20 seconds, I had also just reached the front of my neighborhood so I slowed down to a walk for about 20 seconds. After the 20 seconds I realized I was a) not about to die and b) could easily start running again. so I did! At the 17 minute mark I really wanted to check my time and decide if I should turn or keep heading back to the house so I slowed down to a walk again for no more than 10 seconds. When I saw I only had 3 minutes left I picked it back up. So of the 20 minute run I walked for no more than 30 seconds. I wanted to put that in here just to be honest and to be able to look back at in the future. 

I'm feeling good about running but wont be finished with the C25K for three more weeks. With the weather so nice I'm considering signing up for a 5K in Pawleys Island this weekend? We will see!! I haven't decided yet. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good job on your running! Making the jump to 20 minutes / 2 miles is really awesome. You should definitely sign up for the 5K because the weather is awesome and you might surprise yourself on race day with how well you do :)

  2. Yay for coming home! I can't imagine not living close by despite our hometown doesn't have tons to offer. Yet I did hear in the next two years, we'll have a TARGET!! Holla! & I need to try the couch to 5k app!


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