Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines Day and Running

This year Justin and I decided to keep our Valentines very simple and inexpensive. We have a trip to Mexico coming up in April so we are trying to be conscious of that when it comes to our spending. I planned on cooking a nice dinner at home for Valentines but when Justin told me he had been to the doctor on his lunch break and was under the weather I decided to switch it up a bit to make our evening even more relaxed. So.. pizza it was! Papa Johns makes heart shaped pizza on Valentines day and this just so happens to be one of our favorite foods. Easy choice! I jazzed up the box a little for fun. Carolina basketball is an obsession of J's so it was only appropriate to include a picture. He said it was his favorite Valentines yet, even being sick. There you have it- simple for the win! 

On another note, that has nothing to do with pizza. Quite the opposite in fact. Running! A few weeks ago I decided to try out the couch to 5K app in hopes to train to run a 5K and dare I say even a 10K this year?! Running has never been my thing although I have always wanted it to be. It is something that has never come naturally to me and is probably as much as a mental block as a physical one. I did have a period of time a few years ago when I really got into it and ran a 5K. After the race I took a "week" break that never ended. I was able to train and run for a 5k a few years ago so mentally I KNOW I can do it again, but dang it if it isn't hard! I am using the Couch to 5K app and just completed week 4. I'm feeling good about it but it's tough at the same time. I really started at beginner level (as in 1 1/2 minutes of jogging before I felt like I needed to walk) but have made progress every week. It's crazy to think the first day a one minute jog had me out of breath but four weeks later I am up to 5 minutes of jogging at a time no problem. I want to track my progress on here for accountability and also because I was searching the Internet for blogs when I first started but couldn't really find much on others that had completed the couch to 5K program. Here is my Couch to 5K thoughts on weeks 1-4:

Week one: 1 minute jog, one and a half minute walk intervals for  20 minutes. This was really easy for me. I only did one day of this and then skipped ahead to week two for a little more of a challenge. 

Week two: 1 and 1/2 minute jog, 2 minute walk intervals for 20 minutes. Who knew the extra 30 seconds could make a difference from week one! It did though. This week was doable but not easy. I felt like it was the right amount of timing for me. 

Week three: 3 minute jog and walking intervals for a total of 30 minutes. I was nervous to make the jump to 3 minutes but I did it! It wasn't a piece of cake but it was once again, doable. I felt like I was ready for the increase in time but any more would have been difficult this week. By the end of week three I didn't feel ready to move to week 4 (5 minute jogs intervals) but wanted to keep with the program so I did. 

Week four: 5 minute jog and walking intervals. It's embarrassing how nervous I was to try jogging for 5 minutes but I DID IT! It wasn't easy but I could do it. I was so proud of myself after each of these workouts. I just finished week four (each week is three workouts) and feel as if 5 minutes is still the maximum time I can jog at a time but I want to attempt week 5's jump to 8 minutes. I'm hoping I will surprise myself and be able to do it but we will see. I'm telling you... I have to get out of my head- running is such a mental block for me!! It's like I almost have it ingrained in my head that I can't do it even though deep down I know I can. 

The goal is to finish the couch to 5K program and sign up for at least two races this spring. Has anyone else used the couch to 5K app or have any tips for a new runner?!


  1. Yay for your running! I didn't use the C25K program when I started but it sounds like a good one to go with. Good luck with your jump from 5 min to 8 min! :)

  2. That stinks J was sick for Vday but it sounds wonderful anyways!! Love the b-ball picture on the pizza box! I have to say, you go girl for running!! I LOATHE running but when training for my 1/2 marathon (don't worry, I didn't run the whole thing lol) I noticed that I loved what it was doing for my body. Now that I've gained weight, I'm starting to think that I might have to start running again... we'll see lol Keep it up!!

  3. I've decided that one year we're going to get a heart shaped Papa Johns pizza! Loved the decor you put on it :)

  4. I'm excited to hear more about your Couch to 5K updates. I've heard so much about that program, but I've never been brave enough to try it for myself!

    xoxo, SS

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