Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DIY Christmas Golf Ball Ornaments

I just LOVE homemade gifts! It shows that someone put their thought and time into making something just for you. We all know there is never enough time in the day as is! My creative sister came up with the cutest homemade gift idea for the golf lover in your life. She made the most adorable golf ball Christmas ornaments decorated, some as Santa and some as a snowman. I tell you, she is the queen of homemade, thoughtful and creative. I convinced her to share the how to with you all because they really aren't that difficult and turned out adorable. They are also a great way to use up the hundreds of unused golf balls laying around!

You will need several golf balls (don't use expensive ones because you will be painting them anyway), small and large picture hanging hooks, acrylic paint and accessories of your choice for hats (thin fabric, felt, pom poms, etc), a hot glue gun and string. 

The how to:
1. Paint golf balls white and let dry. 
2. Screw in the picture hanging hook to the top of the ball. You can use a screwdriver and a screw to break through the hard outer shell and then finish screwing in hook by hand. This is the hardest step but still not that bad. 

3. Paint the balls the design of your choosing. Ginny did a decorative one, a Santa and a snowman but the possibilities are endless! I'm currently begging her to make me a chocolate lab with a Santa hat on it. How cute would that be! 

4. Add last minute accessories such as hats made out of fabric or felt. The snowman hats can be found pre-made at Hobby Lobby. 

these aren't finished yet but I can already tell they will be adorable! 

Can you believe Christmas in only three days away?! I certainly cannot! 

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