Thursday, June 23, 2011

All about food

Saying my family loves to eat is possibly an understatement. I'm talking my family really loves to eat, ha. But with mom, dad and myself all agreeing for the most part about what to cook/ where to eat we always have one little issue.. my sister Ginny

Now, Ginny is just precious and I consider her my best friend. With that being said she is the PICKIEST eater ever! It's not that she doesn't like a lot of foods, it's that she is on a major health kick and refuses to eat a lot of foods. I have been at home this past week and have not been having much luck on finding food in the fridge for lunch. All of Ginny's organic ish has taken over. Well, I never really gave any of her health food a try, before I made up my mind I didn't want anything to do with it. (I mean Soy milk and egg whites? -no thanks) Today she convinced me to give in if I didn't want to go hungry. I owe it to her to finally admit that after trying some of her healthy food for breakfast and lunch, really isn't bad. It was actually pretty good! Not to mention it made me feel energized all day. I thought I would share with you what I had incase you want to try it out too!

Breakfast: I had an egg sandwich on a 100 calorie sandwich thin. We used only egg whites for the egg part and I added a slice of organic cheese. We also added a pinch of garlic salt to the egg whites to give them some flavor-- delicious!

Lunch: I had a veggie burger on another whole wheat 100 calorie sandwich thin. I added fresh tomato and decided to leave off the cheese this time but add light mayo. -delicious again! I was very surprised how much I enjoyed the veggie burger! I was still a little hungry so I sliced the tomato and ate that raw with a little salt.

As you can see the sandwich thins were a staple with both meals. I took to these myself about a year ago. They taste great and can be used for burgers and any type of sandwich you can think of! My favorite is the honey wheat. Ginny- I guess I owe you an apology, I will be eating healthier from now on!

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  1. Sound yummy!
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