Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lazy Saturday

First off, I keep forgetting to tell yall my problem! Blogger isn't letting me post comments on other post. UH! It's frustrating!! It tells me to log in and when I do it says "anonymous" and then still wont post.. Anyone know how to fix this? On a better note..

It's Saturday

and I have been lazy all day. Sometimes lazy days are the best. I am visiting some of my best girl friends from school. I have missed them so much so it's nice to reunite! We are resting up for a fun night out tonight.. we are going to a lobster roast and keg party. Us girls together always calls for a good time.

Have a great weekend yall!


  1. Lobster roast with your gal pals??!?!? Sounds like the PERFECT night to me!

  2. sounds like fun! have a blast !


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