Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This weekend turned out to be just fantastic for Justin and I! I decided to suprise him Friday night by having everything set up for us to make fajitas when he arrived. I have never made them before and was shocked with how simple it really was! I had bean dip and guacamole dip set up when he got here as well as all the tomatoes/onions chopped and cheese grated. I had already prepared the chicken so all that left was cooking the steak and hearing up tortilla shells. I had spent most of the day in the kitchen (with my so sad loaf bread fail) and preparing for this so I sat down with a glass of wine and let him finish it up!

Saturday we decided to head to Greensboro to walk around downtown and checkout all the local shops and memorials. The weather was nice and downtown was very pretty. We stopped for lunch at Natty Greens, a local pub that brews their own beer. We got to sit in outdoor seating overlooking the downtown area. Justin and I both tried some of their local beer and I had a crab cake that was pretty good. One beer led to another beer which led to calling friends I have from UNCG and proceeding to a college bar.. and then another one. It was an unexpected day but fun none the less!

Sunday was spent with church and relaxing and Monday, beginning to make some July 4th decorations that I will post about soon! I hope you all had a nice weekend as well!


  1. I love fajitas! And even though I'm Canadian, I'm excited to see your 4th of July decorations!

  2. My favorite nights are always the ones that turn into something fun unexpectedly!!

  3. I love how your puppies are just waiting for a drop of food. Too cute!


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