Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Fever a Little Early

Uh oh, I think I have caught Spring fever and it's ONLY January. There is no doubt about it, I am a spring/summer girl. Fall takes a close third but winter is dreaded in my book. Seeing as I am cold in 60 degree weather you can only imagine how I feel when temperatures reach 30 degrees. Lucky for me we have had quite a few upper 50's sunshine days and a couple even warmer than that at times! The pretty weather, talk of beach trips and spring line previews have me itching for spring time. 

Seeing as this so called spring fever has hit so early it is probably going to make for a long winter. While that part isn't fun the next part is! Spring always brings out a renewed sense of energy in my opinion. It makes me want to eat healthier and lighter, it makes me want to work out, clean everything, and puts me in an altogether wonderful mood! (Just wait until April, I will probably be bouncing off the walls) 

I did not really make New Years resolutions this year. I never seem to keep them and found it to be almost a waist of time. I did start the New Year off though on a positive note looking forward to what 2013 would have to bring. Since I did not make New Years resolutions I've decided to make more short term goals. I'm going to call them my "spring goals". Much more fun for the girl who loves even saying the word spring.(:

So here they are.. 
My spring goals 

1. Eat healthy. Simple as that.. no crazy diets, no cutting out carbs, no saying no to dessert forever. Just eat healthy and smart. I think I can use my common sense with a little bit of portion control on this one. 

2. Drink more water and less soda. I don't drink soda all day everyday, but I have developed a bad routine of opening a coke when my students leave at 3pm to give me that extra boost of energy to work for another couple of hours. Not healthy and I want to stop! 

3. Keep up with my gym regimen. Especially to help with the next goal.. 

4. Run a 5K! I am SUPER excited about this one. The above goals will hopefully help accomplish this one. I'm not sure which one or where yet but there are SO many options out there I'm sure I can find one for me. 

5. Take a concealed carry class and get my permit. Random? yes. The issue of guns is so controversial right now I'm not going to go into details. I would like to get my permit though and what better time than this spring?! 

6. Find a new job and city.. and NO I'm not leaving teaching!! I still plan to teach and if all works out still teach first grade. I would like to move to a new city though and get a place by myself. I was offered a job teaching right out of college still in my college town. It has worked out great for this year. I honestly don't think I was ready to move away at the time. I AM ready now however and desperately want to start a new chapter somewhere else. Raleigh and Greensboro are two of the main cities I am considering. 

That's it! Six not so crazy but very important goals I would like/need to accomplish. Let's hope for the best! 


  1. I'm looking to get my concealed weapons permit, too. Good luck on the job hunt!

  2. I have summer fever so bad. Since before Christmas too, eeek. I know exactly how you feel!! Good luck with the new job and city, so exciting!!

  3. To me, the cold is worthless unless there is pretty snow!

    I will say portion control and cutting out sodas will go a long way! Before I started working out again, I lost 5 or 6 pounds just by cutting out my daily lunchtime Coke and following my body's natural cues rather than eating until I'm overly full!

  4. If you want to come back home, there are some job openings at my school for the coming school year. Just saying.... (: haha


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