Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

With the cold weather we have been having I have been spending many of my weekend low key, bundled up at home. This past weekend I decided  to spice things up a little bit. It was my roommates birthday and I also had a few friends in town. 

My weekend started with an early release day at school because of the weather. The teachers had to stay but that was okay because I was super excited to have a chance to catch up on plans and still be out of the school building by 2. Friday night I went out to dinner with my friends that were in town and and then we headed out on the town. 

Not the best picture but the only one captured for the night 

Saturday I spent the day grabbing lunch with some friends at a local Tavern. I don't normally go into detail about my meals 0n here but this one was too perfect not too.. A cheeseburger with homemade BBQ sauce, friend green tomato and pimento cheese paired with a bloody marry. Heaven, seriously... can we say southern comfort food?

After lunch we went to the back of the tavern where they have a beer and wine shop. This place also has a self serve wine tasting machine. It was the neatest thing- you can pay $10 for a card that you swipe above the particular wine you would like to try. The machine then pours you a taste of that wine. You can try as many as you want as well as reload the card if need be. Needless to say of course we decided to try a few wines and relax for a while. After almost three hours at this restaurant we headed out to get ready for my roommates birthday oyster roast! 

We threw her an oyster roast for her 23rd birthday at our house. It was very cold but couldn't have been more fun. Look at us girls go (; 

birthday girl!

my sister came by too! 

Sunday left my exhausted with very little energy to do anything productive. I managed to get to church and cook lunch but the rest of the day was spent on Netflix. I'm now halfway through the first season of Parenthood. I hope y'all had a nice weekend! 


  1. Sounds like such a fabulous weekend!
    Your lunch is making me hungry! I had to study all day yesterday for a test this morning, so today is my lazy day.

  2. Oh what I fun weekend. The oyster roast looks amazing!

  3. That lunch sounds absolutely delcious, plus a bloody mary makes any meal a little better! Sounds like a great weekend!!


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