Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Words to remember at work

A while back I downloaded the Verse a Day app on my Iphone. It is an app that post a bible verse each day for you to read. What a great way to start your day right?! Well after seeing the notification pop up along with text messages, instagram notifications, twitter notifications  school, blog, and personal emails, along with the other 20 things that give you notifications on your phone it became easy to "clear" my notifications and not read my verse a day. 

Well last night I was browsing through my phone and decided to open up my Bible verse app. I'm so glad I did because there was a verse that really spoke to me. You know how sometimes you hear things that really apply to you more than other things? Y'all... that's obviously the good Lord talking and you better believe I am going to listen. This is what it said.. 
I have never looked at my job as if I'm doing it FOR the Lord. I have looked at it as, I am taking care of his children but not that the actual work is for him. It is easy to get caught up in the demands of teaching and work countless (almost everyday) major over time hours all the while still bringing work home. I love my job but anything requiring that much time can be exhausting. This verse taught me though that the work I do isn't just for my kids or my school. It's for the Lord and that is so much more important! Talk about inspiration to not want to slack off..

I knew I needed to post about the verse because it's not just for teachers. It says "work willingly at whatever you do" I take that to mean any career from doctor to waitress. I also take that to mean things other than work. Are you in school? Someone that goes to the gym often? A stay at home mom? I think we are supposed to work hard at whatever we do. 

I hope this gives you a little more encouragement to do your best at work this Wednesday! 


  1. Thanks for this verse, I have been lacking motivation this week at work and now I will try to work with all my heart. Sometimes a verse/quote is all you need for that extra little push!

  2. I love this verse! I need to download this app ASAP!

  3. Great verse and I love you are applying it to all aspects of life, not just "work".


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