Friday, June 7, 2013

Color Love

Whew, I am shouting TGIF loud and proud this morning. The last week of school has been absolutely crazy. The workload for teachers doubles and the students have too much excitement for their little bodies to contain. We had our end of year celebration yesterday so I am prepared for today to be game over, crazy. Even with all of the hyperness it's been fun to see all of them glowing with summer excitement!! 

As I was browsing pinterest recently I realized that I have a deep love for a certain color scheme. I have always been big into neutrals colors but I also really love very light blue, pink and yellow. I don't have my first "real" out of college home yet but I know what I do exactly what kind of style I want it to have! I really love a bright, open room filled with light blue and white. Kind of a soft, classic look? I don't really know how to describe it but that's what it makes me think of! 

This couch is perfection- I simply adore it 

Bright, clean and crisp! I love white bedspreads. 

I've recently started obsessing over blue and white dishes, 
not a fan of these chairs though.

pretty pretty pretty!!

I ADORE this barn table!! Actually everything about this room..

What would you call this style? Happy Friday! 

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  1. I love the blue backsplash! I also think blue is perfect for a bedroom!

    And would I categorize this style? Polished casual? It all feels very serene/comfy/welcoming, but is still stylish!


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