Thursday, June 20, 2013

Craig Woolard

Happy Thursday friends! Since I am on summer break I haven't been longing for the weekends like I used to, but I still find myself excited when I know it's almost Friday. I think I'm excited because I know my non teaching friends are ready for the weekend! 

I went shopping yesterday in hopes to find a new bathing suit top for a vacation to Orange Beach coming up. I did not find a bathing suit but I DID find lots of other goodies that I did not need but just had to have. It's hard to turn down a good deal at the outlet stores! My favorite purchase was this new watch I bought. I have been wanting it for a LONG time and held back but I finally gave in yesterday. 

I also scored this pink J-crew skirt that I wore out to see Craig Woolard last night! Some of my best friends were in town so we all went to see the Craig Woolard band at a local beach bar. I am a HUGE fan of this band and have seen them several a million times. We had an absolute blast, even making it on stage at one point during a tribute to the "ECU girls". I think our group was known since we were front row and dancing the entire time. 

Us with Craig himself, showing some Pirate pride! 

This blog post is coming a little late in the day because the girls rested up from our big night by laying out on the beach all day. Tough life right? I'll be enjoying my last night at the beach with Justin tonight before heading home tomorrow ): I can't be too sad though because I will be Orange Beach bound with my mom this weekend! Happy almost weekend!

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