Saturday, June 22, 2013

Surviving 12 hours in a car

It is going to be a traveling day for me and my mom today! Our car is packed and map pulled out (or GPS on) ready to travel to Orange Beach, Alabama for the week. I am BEYOND excited for a week with my mom and my aunt at the beach. I haven't been to Orange Beach in a few years but I do remember just how gorgeous the beaches are. It's going to be a wonderful week minus one teeny tiny detail. We are driving and the approximate travel time is 11 hours and 41 minutes. That is almost TWELVE hours.. in  car. Oh my word, I am not looking forward to that part of the trip. My mom and I are going to split the driving which will help a tad bit. I tend to get antsy in a car after a few hours so I have prepared a few travel necessities to make the trip a little more comftorable. 

1. My I-Pod: I can't even drive through town in a silent car, much less on a long trip. I have updated my Ipod with tons of new music that I plan on listening to on repeat. 

2. Magazines: I don't like to read books in the car because of the possibility of getting car sick but I seem to do okay with magazines! I finally have time for the stack of magazines I have yet to look at! 

3. A book on tape: I purchased Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn on audio and plan on playing it in the car. I've seen this book all over everyones blog so it must be good! And audio book is perfect because mom and I can both listen to it at the same time with no worries of getting car sick! 

4. A blanket: (and a pillow) so I can hopefully sleep a little bit of the trip! 

5. Krystal burgers. Okay I've saved the best for last. We don't have a Krystal Burger anywhere near me but we do pass several once we get closer to South Carolina/ Georgia/Alabama. I have been obsessed with these tiny burgers since I was a little girl traveling to AL. I will be stopping here at least once on this trip. 

It's going to be a LONG trip but it will all be worth it when we finally get there! 


  1. Gone Girl was such a good choice! I read it over my spring break and I didn't want to put it down. It has so many twists and turns; I hope you love it!

  2. Enjoyed the fun read... We will for sure follow you!

  3. Oof, I found this just in time! Going on a road trip with my family next week. Will definitely be bringing the essentials!


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