Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bachelor and other Ramblings

Alright ladies, we made it through Monday! There's hope in making it to another weekend. Look at that, we just finished a weekend and I'm already counting down the next. I can't help it! That is my motivation every time my 5:20am alarm goes off. Anyways, I did have a wonderful weekend! I made my way to see Justin at the beach. I had been craving sushi so Friday he took me out to get my sushi fix. Saturday was so rainy and dreary that it made the perfect weather to go see Lone Survivor. It was an amazing movie! I always love a true story and this one didn't disappoint. It amazes me the level of commitment our armed forces have. I am truly thankful! 

That night J and I made a homemade pizza. We used a whole wheat crust with all kinds of goodies on top... pineapple and mushrooms included! J did his side normal but I opted for no cheese and all veggies on top of my side. We are worlds worst for ordering a pizza hut big box but I can say our pizza turned out just as tasty and MUCH healthier. Sunday we watched the Panthers game (insert tear... they tried!) and said our goodbyes. 

Moving on to much more important things. Like the Bachelor. Just kidding! This show is totally not important and cheesy in every way imaginable however I have to watch. How about that Electric Run 5k? I participated in the color run last year but this puts that to shame. For those that missed, its a 5K in the dark with neon glow in the dark lights EVERYWHERE. It brought me back to being 6 years old watching Rainbow Bright. I might have even looked it up and found out it will be coming to Raleigh in September of 2014. Any takers?! Sign me up.. so fun! 
Doesn't this look like a fun 5k?

The next date however did not impress me at.a.l.l. The fact they tried to force two girls to pose nude is bologna. I thought it was rude and tasteless. It definitely put those girls in a tough spot! Thank goodness Lucy tagged along and could happily fill in one of those spots. Home girl's gotta find some clothes! Victoria is another odd one. I can't deal this early on with all the crying. It's the second episode. Get it together!! I'm still loving Renee.. I think she is very sincere. She also reminds me a tab bit of myself. Well that's all for today. Happy Tuesday!


  1. As always, I'm loving the bachelor. I'm a sucker for them every season! And the electric run... totally checking it out! I might just add it to my September calendar :P

  2. That electric run looks so cool. It seems that almost everyone has done a color run by now. Haha. The Bachelor is such a guilty pleasure - and it's perfect to watch while I work on that bottle of wine I have laying around.


  3. I was appalled at how they tried to convince the girls to pose nude. Bad call!

    Homemade pizzas are my fave!


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