Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Friends! I for one could not be more thrilled that it is Friday! I've been battling a sinus infection for over a week now so I'm praying the weekend will bring some relief. (fingers crossed!) I'm linking up today with 4 of my favorite blogs for their weekly 5 on Friday link up! Thanks for hosting AprilChristina, Darci and Natasha

This week I broke in my brand new Keurig that I received for Christmas. I don't think I realized I make a horrible not so great cup of coffee normally. I never know exactly how much water and how many scoops of coffee to use so I tend to guess and hope for the best. I always though it tasted fine but after having my perfectly measured Keurig coffee several mornings in a row I now realize mine has not been the best. Lesson learned. Cheers to good coffee! 

How many Bachelor fans are left out there? I missed last season so I am not in on the Juan Pablo hype. I did tune in for the premier though and plan to watch this season. All of my friends, co workers and even hair dresser talk about it all the time so I have to stay in the loop! There's always going to be the crazies and the drama. This time it was the one who spent her whole time crying (don't think this show is the right time for you dear) and the poor girl who thought her name was called at the rose ceremony. Bless her heart... I know she was embarrassed! As far as my favorites, so far I'm loving Renee and Victoria. 

Y'all.. be proud. I have been rocking a whole foods plant and vegetables diet this week. The movie Forks over Knives has really inspired me to eat WAY more fruits and vegetables than I have in the past. I don't know how long I will stick with it but I'm really enjoying the results so far. Check out my grocery cart this week! Whoop whoop! This week I've been cooking up a storm... lots of asparagus, black bean and kale quesadillas,  sweet potatoes, kale chips, veggie soup and fruits/nuts. 

It's official. I have spring fever. Yes, it's only early January. This happens to me EVERY year! I start itching for warm weather and sunshine! I've vowed to not buy a single new item of clothing until it's warm outside so my wish list is currently revolved around bathing suits and summer dresses. How cute is this one?!

Last but not least, simply the fact that it's FRIDAY. I'm so excited for the weekend and a break from work! This weekend I'm heading to see Justin at the beach. Saturday is calling for a high of nearly 70 degrees.. what a relief after the near 0 degree temps we've been facing! I plan on getting some long walks in as well as enjoying some sushi and homemade veggie burgers! Have a nice weekend! 


  1. eeeee another bachelor fan! (Its been my guilty pleasure since as long as I can remember and I even live-tweet haha) I blogged about it last Monday and I'm so pumped my Monday's are now back on track! ps I got hubby the same keurig and we use it so much now! Happy Weekend! (cute bathing suit!)

  2. Just found your blog through the link-up and love it! I have spring fever, too- definitely not a fan of the cold weather that's been happening so I've just been thinking warm thoughts! :) Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Don't worry... I too have spring fever! Is it bad that I spent about an hour looking at swim suits and cute summer dresses online?? This winter weather has got to go! As for the whole foods, you can stick to it! I just did a week of just fruits and veggies as part of a detox program and at first, I hated it, but I feel so much better now! Keep it up!
    Country and Classy

  4. i am also a bachelor fan!! i was super excited when they picked juan pablo. for me, he has a hotness factor. I laughed so hard when the girl thought her name was called at the rose ceremony! poor thing!!

  5. I hope you feel better ASAP! I also am laughing over the fact that you posted a swimsuit because I may or may not have bought one today....when it was 0 degrees here on Monday! Hope you have a great and relaxing weekend. xo

  6. Love that swim suit! Do you know who it is by? I need to catch up with the bachelor since I missed last week. Great for you that your trying to switch to whole foods! I always try to stick to vegetables and fruits but it is hard especially when you are craving sweets!.

  7. Stopping by from the link up!! I love the bachelor, but definitely not seeing all the hype about Juan Pablo...glad to see I'm the only one! haha. Love that you live in NC...would love to move there in a few years- once I'm done grad school! Cute blog :)


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