Thursday, January 23, 2014

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This work week has flown by for me! I haven't had a typical week by any means and I have to say it's been a nice break. Monday of course was MLK holiday and no school. Tuesday and Wednesday happened to be teacher workdays. All my fellow teachers out there know how NICE a workday can be! I get to actually do things like have a lunch break, go to the bathroom, take a 60 second mental break to walk to the water fountain.... all things that do not happen on a typical day for a first grade teacher. The workdays also came with snow! We had enough snow to cause a 2 hour delay yesterday and today. Those 2 hours really make a difference in the morning! I can officially say after this week I am very rested and ready to head back to a normal schedule at school.

Moving on ... I have always loved finding new music to listen to. If you're anything like me you always have the radio, I-pod, pandora, etc, playing. I listen to music so frequently it's easy to get tired of the top "radio hits" quickly. Here are some of the songs I've been loving lately.

Glen Templeton- Ball Cap 

Cole Swindell- Chillin' It

Eric Church- The Outsiders 

Frankie Ballard -Helluva Life 
....y'all.. I LOVE this one! 

David Flanning- Drink you Away 

Obviously I listen to a lot of country.. ha. Are there any other songs I need to add to my "must listen to" list?! Happy Thursday friends! 


  1. I love work days at school! We always have one the Friday before Spring break and it's my tradition to open my windows, run by Sonic for a diet coke, play music on my Smart Board, and work on lesson plans, etc. It's so nice!

  2. There's nothing wrong with country! Love all of these!


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