Sunday, April 17, 2011


It's Sunday also known as the day of RELAXATION. That is exactly what I am planning on doing for the rest of the night! This weekend was jam packed once again with cocktail on Friday and formal on Saturday. It was so much fun (minus the tornado warnings!) but I defiantly feel like I got no sleep. This is what I have planned for my relaxing Sunday night in..

  1. Yummy chicken quesadilla and guacamole for dinner
  2. A night full of TV! I rarely watch TV and therefore aren't hooked to many shows. There are a few however that have caught my attention. (Not all are on tonight but are worth mentioning anyway!)
Extreme Couponing- Has anyone seen this?? I am completely and
 utterly fascinated by these people! They can go to the grocery
store and buy hundreds of dollars worth of groceries but pay
 no more than 5 dollars out of pocket. Crazy!

Coming Home- I haven't checked this out yet
but have heard great things!
Extreme Makeover Home Edition- These are
 always so good (and emotional!)
 The Real Housewives of Orange County- one word= addicted
These girls are crazy!
Pregnant in Heels- I haven't checked this one out yet either
but have a feeling it will be a new favorite(:

3. Lastly I think do a little packing. I'm going home for
Easter this weekend and am planning on taking home all of
my winter clothes and what not that are taking up space in my closet!

I hope yall have a relaxing evening!


  1. Extreme Couponing is so crazy to watch!

    Coming Home is definitely a tearjerker!

  2. I have to watch Extreme Couponing EVERY time it comes on! Even if it's a repeat episode!


Sweet Thoughts(: