Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Six Spring Essentials

In love with Spring

I have been and still am so HAPPY that it is spring time!! I have come across a few spring essentials I would like to share!

1. Cropped Pants
It's too cold for shorts but too warm for pants? Cropped
pants to the rescue! I love mine in fun spring colors.. coral,
 pale yellow, Carolina blue, but navy goes with everything!

2. Similar to the cropped pants a cardigan is a must!
The weather is way too unpredictable and changes
 drastically from morning to night.

3. Strawberries are a springtime fruit- treat yourself
 to a fun dessert, or better yet make one! Southernliving
has some great recipes!

4. A Fun Dress
I'm currently trying to decide if I can live without this one? Thoughts?

5. Spring is such a pretty time of the year, take some time
to make yourself feel pretty. Paint your nails a fun color,
change your shade of blush to something a little "rosier",
get a new fragrance, anything will do!

6. Relax!!
Winter can be stressful and now that spring is finally here
it's time to relax and get ready for everything beautiful
spring has to offer. If you have never been to a
yoga class check one out! It's a great time to reflect
on what went well last season and goals for this season!


  1. You cannot live without that adorable dress... And I may not be able to either! I absolutely love cardigan sweaters, like ridiculously love them!

    I left you a little award on my blog.. Thanks for your sweet, stylish posts!

  2. this post makes me happy! couldn't agree more about the cropped pants and cardigans..i really need to stock up on some of the pants for teaching! and i was looking at that modcloth dress and really like it, but have a feeling it would look weird on, hmmm...let me know if you get it!

  3. I'm so glad, it made me happy writing it! I was also thinking that about the dress. I just dont know how it would look on. So cute though!

  4. love all of these. so perfect for spring. Trilled I found your blog. I'm now a loyal and excited follower, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over a month ago. It's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. Stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news. Would love your support. xoxo

  5. Just found your blog through Amber M. Love this post :)


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