Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking for inspiration

Okay friends, I need some inspiration! I really enjoy the feeling after a good workout however the motivation to do the workout in the first place is so difficult to find sometimes! I have decided I want to start running however need some advice/tips/inspiration/anything! I know my experiences in the past and I don't normally make it past a couple days before I am back to no motivation. It also doesnt help that I hate the feeling of being out of breath mid run.. anndd the fact that my arm starts hurting (is that weird?) anyways please share some ideas with me so that I can go from this...

to this...


  1. Can't wait to see if anyone has any ideas! I haven't worked out in a few weeks because of exams and then spring break but I need to get back in the routine! Starting back up is so hard though. I never have the motivation either!

  2. I am running obsessed, but haven't always been so here are a few things I have learned help...

    1. Music. If I run without music, I go nuts. The only way that I will skip is if I'm running with someone else and we can chat.

    2. Cute running shoes. I know this sounds absurd. But when my shoes are pink and cute, I want to wear them more and then once I'm wearing them I feel obligated to run! :)

    3. Buying nice running clothes. Nike running shorts are my favorite... But they cost some money. If I spend money on them (which I admit I do too much!) I won't want to let my money be wasted... So I run.

    The mid run out of breath thing will subside. Your body acclimates to however you push it and it'll start to get the rythmn of your running. I used to be panting for three miles before I'd get my pace set but now my breathing steadies itself in the first half mile or so.

    Your arm hurts because you're tense. I used to get really bad shoulder pains when I raced in high school. It's a stress thing, you're tensing your muscles and you don't even realize it. My coach taught me to shake out my arms before I took off, half way through, and then after. I noticed it would get bad after hills so on the downhill I'd shake out. :)

    I hope this helps... You can do it!


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