Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursdays Things I Love

Here are a few things I loveeee
and possibly couldn't live without 

1. J Crew Chino shorts

I live in these shorts in the summer. They are honestly the perfect
 summer short! And they come in tons of fun colors!

2. Chick Fil A
Chick Fil A is by far the best fast food place ever!

3. Girls night out
A recent girls night out for sushi and drinks reminded me just how 
essential it is to have a girls night out occasionally!  Life gets hectic and no
 one can relieve your stress like your friends. Call yours up right now and plan a night out!

4. Summer dresses and skirts!

If I could I would have only dresses/skirts and yoga clothes in my closet.
I just love the one of a kind girly feeling a new dress can bring. I'm especially in
love with this little Vineyard Vines beauty. Maybe it will be in my closet one day..

5. My Ipod

Not so much my ipod but just music in general really. My ipod is
about as random as they come. Everything from Brad Paisley to Beach
music and Lil Wayne. Music gets me through by days and especially long rides!

and last but definitly not least..

6. Paula Deen's Celebrates! Best Dishes and Best
Wishes for the Best Times of Your Life 

Okay, seriously. If you enjoy cooking/baking and enjoy hosting events BUY
THIS BOOK! It brings a smile to my face everytime! Of course we all love
the one and only Mrs. Paula Deen! This book is filled with tips and advice for living a
 happy life and most importantly recepie ideas for special occasions such as New Years,
 Valentines Day, Marti Gras, Easter, May Day, The Fourth of July, and many more.
I'm always looking for any excuse to have a party so this is just perfect!
.. I'm currently planning a pink and white May day party inspired by this book.
I'll stop now but seriously- its good!

What do you love? Have a wonderful day!

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