Friday, May 27, 2011

Biggest Summer Annoyance!

The one thing that drives me crazy in the summer.... Mosquito's! Ah! They make me want to scream!! I hate these nasty little things. I swear they follow me around and will attack every inch of me. My grandad used to tell me I must be made of sugar. The bad thing is they are in full force at the lake! Bug spray works okay but still doesn't keep them away! Ever since I was younger I was told to put an ice cube on the bite. It numbs it and stops the itch for a bit. Okay, I will quit rambling .. I just had to get this off my chest! Go away mosquito's!!


  1. Mosquitos are my mortal enemy! They LOVE me, plus i'm allergic so I swell up like a ping pong ball every bite! Its pretty embarrassing when I get a bite on my forehead..
    I buy the family or kids bug spray because its smells pretty, and always keep after bite in my purse, by my bed, at work lol

    Cathy. X

  2. I couldn't agree more--in the summer my legs look like a dalmatian because they are so covered in bug bites!


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