Saturday, May 21, 2011

Burger Style

The weather is warm, memorial day is right around the corner, and the air is screaming time for a cookout! I love attending cookouts. Nothing brings friends and family together like warm weather, hamburgers and a chilled drink. Hamburgers are a cookout staple of course. There are however a million ways to fix up that simple burger. I'm curious what your ideal burger is. Mine is a thin burger, lettuce, tomato (lots), ketchup and mayo. At what point did America begin frying everything? Whenever it was someone introduced placing an onion ring on your burger, it sure wasn't a bad idea! Maybe you are vegetarian and prefer ketchup, onion, tomato, lettuce, pickle, and a veggie burger. Or just maybe you are real adventurous and will go for everything listed above with avocado, barbecue, slaw, onion, egg and bacon. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's delicious(: I also like the idea of eating your hamburger on thick toast instead of a bun. There are also some great low cal thin wheat buns out there that are great!

So, how do you like your burger?

One more thing, at a cookout everyone needs their favorite sunglasses on! When the sun goes down however what better accessory than to have these on? Checkout her giveaway! 


  1. I love a bacon cheeseburger with cheddar or swiss cheese!

  2. this is a fantastic post!
    personally I like a delish burger with cheese and a sunny side up egg on top. I know, this sounds so weird. I first tried it in SC and was terrified at the thought.
    But trust me, it's worth a try!


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