Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello Weekend!

Happy Friday! This weekend I will be:

attending an American/Amurica themed grab-a-date
attend the last ECU home football game

which will pretty much take up my whole weekend!
I'm not complaining because it's going to be fun fun fun!!

I have a confession: While tons of people were going to see the midnight premiere of the new Twilight movie I stayed in because I have never even seen the first one! People talk about the series all the time but I just never had any interest in reading the book or watching the movie. That all changed yesterday while I was babysitting though! The little girl I watch loves the series so when the first one came on TV I decided to watch it with her. We only got through half of it before we had to leave, but we recorded the last half and are going to watch it together when she gets home from school today! I can already tell I like it so I guess I will be renting the rest of them too.

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!

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