Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye. I think I feel like that at the end of every weekend! Friday night ZTA had an American/Amurrica grab a date which turned out to be SO much fun! My friend Maghan and I painted large over sized men's t-shirts into the American flag and wore them as a dress. Most people wore nascar themed items of clothing but I liked our flags the best! We even had miniature flags to wave around throughout the night. Here are some pictures from my house before the social.

my date and I- he was so much fun!

Maghan and I with our matching shirts!

nice jorts boys!

The roommate and I with our matching cups!


Sorry for the picture overload! Saturday was spent at the last home football game. Dramatic as it may be I'm so sad that it was the last home football game I will ever attend as a student. Football is a huge thing at my school. I don't think I have EVER missed a home game with the exception of the game the day after Thanksgiving in years passed! I wanted to make the most of it and it was the perfect day to do so. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! I had the best time and ECU even won! Go pirates!

I ended the weekend with the BEST Sunday I have had in a while! What did I do? Nothing. That was why it was so perfect. The temperature was in the 70's which is an automatic mood booster! I opened some windows, watched a televised church sermon, made lunch, cleaned, did homework, read blogs, pinterested and just hung out with my roommate. I very rarely have days that are so relaxing because I am just so busy. It was absolutely perfect and I am very rested and ready for the week! (It's only a two day week before I'm off for Thanksgiving though!) I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend as well!!


  1. Great pics- love your outfit for your mixer! I'm a new reader and a ZTA too! Glad you had a great weekend! ZLAM!

  2. Love the theme from your mixer, your outfits were adorable! I had my last home game too and it was so sad, looks like you had a great time though!

  3. glad you had fun at ecu!! my friend is a tri sig there!

  4. Love your costume--we had a similar date function called "Red, White, and Booze!"


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